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Discover the real Israel
Experience Israel as the Israelis do, take in the smells, the colors, the sounds. Immerse yourself in culture, heritage and beauty off and beyond the beaten track.

About Discover Israel

More than a country, more than a people, Israel is a place of emotion, history and meaning for many. At Israeli Discovery we are doing more than organizing special events. We create experiences, memories and take our guests on an unforgettable journey of discovery.
Israeli Discovery was started by Eliezer Hemeli, A Brigadier General (res.). A true Israeli who has Sabra honey flowing in his veins, Eliezer is keen on sharing his own unique and personal experience of Israel with others.

BRIGADIER GENERAL (Res.) Eliezer Hemeli

Eliezer Hemeli organizes events and missions to Israel with a meticulous eye for details, making sure every little thing is taken care of. He has a vast network of suppliers and strategic partners, all working together to make sure the next group’s or family’s even and journey are just perfect. His mission – providing people unforgettable memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

Discover Israel with Us!

  • Off the beaten track

    Discover the Israel of the locals. See the places and enjoy the scents and tastes of the hidden local gems, way off the beaten track of tourist attractions.
  • Experience the magic

    Israel is a magical place where every stone has a story to tell and a memory to share. Let Israel put you under its spell.
  • Live the history

    From the biblical stories to modern day and recent history, Israel is a place that must be seen, experienced and visited to learn its true secrets. Let us take you an a learning experience with the best possible person to guide your way and tell you personal stories of his Israeli experience.
  • Discover Opportunities

    Israel is more than a place to visit. Israel today has a lot to offer business people and entrepreneurs. It is the Start-up nation, home to many Nobel prize laureates and a place of immense knowledge. Let us connect you with the best and most exciting opportunities for growth.

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